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Jonathan Brannan

Scottish Born, California Based Sports Marketer


My name is Jonathan, and I help companies across multiple industries best engage their clients.


I’m pretty sure I already told you that on the homepage, but I figured it was worth repeating. You know. Just in case you weren’t paying attention or something.


Anyway, this is the “About” page, so I should probably tell you my story.


<Insert Flashback Sequence Here>


I graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University in Glasgow, Scotland, and started my professional journey by designing a startup to sell running equipment.

After graduating I joined the Entrepreneurial Spark business accelerator with my new business which designed clothing for children with motor disabilities. 


Over the next 3 years, I would find myself consulting startups and early-stage growth companies, on marketing strategies, across New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Sweden, England, and the Netherlands.


During this time I would go on to complete an Entrepreneurial Leadership Fellowship, for Babson College and a Computer Science qualification from M.I.T.


Despite enjoying the startup aspect, I begin to feel unfulfilled. 


So, I began searching how to regain the passion. Choosing to follow my childhood passion of sport.


Unsure how to break into the industry I choose to join the Sport Management Masters program at the University of San Francisco. Where I would go on to help professional sports organizations.


Now, I get to play with some of the brightest people in the sports industry. I get to help them do the impossible.

Examples of Brands Worked With

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